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  • 144: Baltimore Bridge, Chocolate, Truth Social IPO & Legoland Surge Pricing

    Crashing container ships, chocolate and the global supply chain, Trump and the market, and Legoland follows Wendy’s in going in on surge pricing. Did you get value? Please support the show. If you find value in The Currency, please help me keep the show going by making a donation. Donating helps keep the show free…

  • 143: Texas vs Blackrock

    The state of Texas just pulled $8.5 Billion from Blackrock in response to Blackrock’s hostility to hydrocarbon-related investments. In this episode we talk about this, plus the Biden Admin’s announcement today that they’re “forgiving” $6 Billion in student debt for public-service workers, and Reddit’s IPO. Did you get value? Please support the show. If you…

  • 142: Surge Burger

    Wendy’s announced they’re rolling out surge pricing on this food—and then they changed their tune. We’re on it in this episode of The Currency. Did you get value? Please support the show. If you find value in The Currency, please help me keep the show going by making a donation. Donating helps keep the show…

  • 141: Virtue in Business & Life with Myron Weber

    Myron Weber joins me for a discussion on virtue as it applies to business and to life. This conversation was also broadcast as a livestream on YouTube. Check out my YouTube channel and subscribe to watch the next one: Show notes Learn more about my guest, Myron Weber: Did you get value? Please…

  • 140: Voegelin on Today

    We conclude our seven-part series on Eric Voegelin’s groundbreaking work, “The New Science of Politics”. In this episode we talk about the current state of Western societies, especially the efforts of the Gnostics to immanentize the Christian eschaton, as well as the two dangers of Gnosticism that will lead to it’s collapse. Show notes Here’s…

  • 139: The Truth About the Facts

    Journalism, as well as a wider press, dramatically changed after 1947. And it was all because of a report published by an influential commission of that time. Listen in as Mike Gastin shares the details of the report, the commission that published it, and why it’s lead to a current-day media that few trust. Show…

  • 138: Voegelin on the Puritans

    The Puritans of 17th Century England were Gnostic revolutionaries bent on overthrowing the crown and initiating a new dawn. At least, that’s Eric Voegelin’s argument. In this episode Mike Gastin talks about Voegelin’s use of the Puritans as Gnostic case study and fills in some of the historical, theological, and philosophical blanks.

  • 137: RFID, the Man, and You

    Major retailers like Target and Walmart are busy implementing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. While RFID will make life easier for retailers and the shopping experience better for consumers, the technology can be abused. In this episode Mike talks about what the future of shopping might look like in a welfare state that employs ubiquitous…

  • 136: The Fat Lady Sang

    My run for Charleston City Council is over after months of campaigning, an election, a runoff race, and a second election.

  • 135: When the Home Stretch Is Rather Muddy

    It’s the home stretch of my run for office, but I miss the mic. Here’s an update on the race and specifically how my opponents on the left have been trying to smear me. It should be illegal to have this much fun.

  • 134: Vote for Pedro!

    It’s official—I’ve entered politics. Listen in to get all the details on my decision to run for Charleston City Council. You can check out my campiagn website here:

  • 133: Myron Weber on Strengths, Weaknesses, and Work

    In this episode I speak with Myron Weber about his thoughts on strengths, weaknesses, and career. Check out Myron’s company, Northwood Advisors.