022: Taking Back the Mailbox with Alex Kurkowski

Alex Kurkowski had an idea—an idea for a business that would bring together people using art, shared stories, and the good old fashioned mailbox. But there was a problem. He was deep into working on his MBA at Rice University and time and money were scarce. That didn’t stop Alex. He launched an amazing startup: Tellinga.com! Join me as Alex shares his story. He explains how he was able to launch his business without funding and talks about his vision for the future of Tellinga.

This episode provides a unique view into an early-stage start up with a sincere founder that’s not afraid of hard work. It’s a great story of the power of an idea and I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from Alex and his company over the next few years.

Check out Alex’s company: Tellinga.com. You can also follow Tellinga on Instagram: @tellingastories

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All music used in this show was created by the talented Lee Rosevere and are shared under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.