028: A Framework for the Future

Founded in 1971, UC Coatings leads the world in wood protection. It formulates and manufactures products that serve a wide range of wood-related needs, including the timber industry, wood product manufacturing, and woodworking enthusiasts.

Join host Mike Gastin as he talks with UC Coatings new CEO, Eric Degenfelder. Eric is leading the company into new territory as he brings his decades of executive experience—part of which was spent overseeing a 2,000 person division of DuPont’s Chinese operations.

Eric talks about why he left a successful career in a global company to head up his 50-person business, the changing marketplace, recent acquisitions, as well as his vision for UC Coatings’ future and what he and his team are doing to realize it.

Make sure to visit UC Coatings to learn more about the company and the markets it serves.

During the conversation, Eric mentioned a multi-story building being built in Cleveland that uses all wood framing. Here are a couple articles related to that story.

Ohio City could score tallest timber frame building in U.S. in 2021

The World’s Tallest Timber-Framed Building Finally Opens Its Doors

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All music used in this show was created by the talented Lee Rosevere and are shared under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.