045: Automating the Last Mile with William Sachiti

William Sachiti left his homeland in Zimbabwe and showed up in London as a teenager with no job and no connections. All he had was £300 and a drive to succeed. 17 years later and William has launched and sold a number of successful startups, appeared on Dragon’s Den, and is currently pioneering autonomous vehicle technology in the UK with his latest project, Kar-go. Join host Mike Gastin as William shares his entrepreneurial journey, talks about Kar-go, and reveals his biggest challenges and greatest achievements.

Learn more about Kar-go by visiting William’s company, The Academy of Robotics. You can also learn more about William’s passion project, Trees of Knowlege by reading his white paper on Medium.

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All music used in this show was created by the talented Lee Rosevere and are shared under a Creative Commons 4.0 license.