140: Voegelin on Today

We conclude our seven-part series on Eric Voegelin’s groundbreaking work, “The New Science of Politics”. In this episode we talk about the current state of Western societies, especially the efforts of the Gnostics to immanentize the Christian eschaton, as well as the two dangers of Gnosticism that will lead to it’s collapse.

Show notes

Here’s a list of all the episodes in the series.

  1. Voegelin on Representation
  2. Voegelin on Cosmological Representation
  3. Voegelin on the Anthropological Principle, the Psyche & the Transcendent
  4. Voegelin on Soteriological Truth & Ancient Rome
  5. Voegelin on Re-Divination, Joachim of Flora & Gnosticism
  6. Voegelin on the Puritans
  7. Voegelin on Today

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